The various types of sunrooms available –Screen enclosures

Sunrooms are ideal additions to homes that lack natural light. This built-on offers more window space than wall space to bring in as much light as possible to one end of the house, and screen enclosures are typically less expensive than traditional additions.

Pre-fabricated sunroom

The pre-fabricated sunroom kit is widely available sunroom option for homeowners.

This type of sunroom has previously designed and constructed elsewhere, away from the house. Its design is not dependent on the architecture of any particular home. Companies that design and build pre-fabricated sunrooms usually offer a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes so that homeowners can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Sunroom conservatory

The focus of a sunroom conservatory is plants and flowers. For easy cleanup after watering, flooring is usually hardscaped in porcelain or ceramic tile, natural stone, or concrete.

Because the humidity levels in the sunroom would ruin fabric-covered furniture, hence outdoor furniture is kept to a minimum.

Back porch sunroom

As the name implies, a back porch sunroom located on or near a former back porch. The location is the main feature that sets this sunroom apart from others. Most of the back porch’s building elements are sometimes still visible in this sunroom. The flooring, roof, ceiling, and walls are all the same throughout the house. The only difference is that glass windows have been installed instead of open or screened windows.

The criteria vary depending on the location; the screen enclosures must use the same heating and cooling system as the rest of the house.

The method can also influence whether or not it is considered an official living space. Not considered as additional square footage for the house if sunroom kits are added to the back of the house or over an existing door with the exterior wall visible.