Renew the kitchen top with microcement

It is often thought that to give a new look to the kitchen, it is necessary to replace each element. In reality, to renovate and modernize the environment, sometimes it is enough to change the right detail: renew the kitchen top for example!  Changing the kitchen top, which represents a central element of the space, allows you to transform the kitchen in a simple and minimally invasive way. There are innovative solutions to renovate the kitchen top without even replacing it home repair services in Houston.

The different solutions for a new kitchen top

To renovate the kitchen top, the market offers many materials with different characteristics:

– Granite: the granite kitchen top has a less refined “natural” aesthetic than marble that fits well into rustic environments; harder than marble, it is heat resistant and very practical; it can be damaged in contact with colored liquids or acids.

– Resin: the resin kitchen top is quite resistant and durable; it has a continuous aesthetic effect of great modernity, however it is particularly sensitive to scratches and nicks which are more noticeable on smooth and shiny surfaces.

– Marble: the kitchen top made with the noble material par excellence, has an effect of great value and elegance; durable over time, it is however sensitive to acidic and colored liquids which can alter its brightness and color. Due to its natural porosity, it is difficult to clean.

– Laminate: economic solution very resistant over time, does not tolerate high temperatures well; in case of water infiltration in the joints, unsightly swelling of the kitchen top may occur.

– Steel: the kitchen top, made of steel, a ductile material, is aesthetically integrated with sinks and hobs, creating a beautiful continuity, perfect in modern and minimal spaces; hygienic and impact resistant, it is less resistant to scratches; it requires constant cleaning to avoid annoying fingerprints and halos.

– Ceramic: the ceramic kitchen top is an elegant and classy solution; can count on the performance of a material that is highly resistant to heat and wear, as well as to scratches. Beware of bumps, it can “chip”.