Indonesia Truck Rental in 4 Simple Steps

Trucks are a terrific method to move and transport items that are either too big, too heavy, or simply too much of a bother for you to carry on your own we’re talking about a few hundred kg. In this post, we’ll outline a simple 4-step process for renting a truck in Indonesia.

First Step: Assessing your situation

You ought to be the expert on your products. Understanding their nature, as well as their size and volume, is crucial. Furthermore, it’s crucial to understand whether the products might endure in particular environments or temperatures. This is crucial so that both you and we can determine which vehicle type will suit your needs the most.

Second Step: Making the reservation

Making the reservation is a simple and quick process. When you visit the portal, all you have to do is enter the location, destination, and type of vehicle you require. Fill out the enquiry form if the pricing you’re searching for aren’t there since we still provide that service; we just do it on demand and according to your requirements. You have finished your part of the booking form.

Wait for the confirmation in the third step.

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Typically, it takes 12 to 14 days for a cargo to be verified in the Indonesian logistics sector. But at pengiriman kargo, we make sure to finish it in less than one hour. At this point, all you need to do is waiting for your Person in Charge to confirm. At this point, we would go through our 400 logistics partners to see who might work with you to make the delivery happen. Expect us to get in touch with you after 60 minutes to inform you that your shipment may now be carried out.

Fourth Step: Complete the Shipment

This is where it all ends. In order for you to make your shipment on the designated day and time, your assigned Person in Charge will get in touch with you. You may accomplish this by getting your items ready for transport and paying Kargo. Your selected logistics provider would arrive at the spot to pick up the products for the loading procedure once all the minor details had been resolved. The truck loads and then drives to the designated spot!