Get the All-New 2022 Ford Maverick

Eyeing on the Ford Maverick for a very long time but have not been able to get a hold of it, then don’t you worry because now you can finally get yourself one and who knows you might also be able to get a customized one. Keep reading to know more about this new beast that’s going to amaze you with its features. 2022 Ford Maverick is known to be the trendsetter.

It is an innovator truck that also features a classy customizable flex bed which you can adjust according to your needs. Along with that, you also get the latest technology used in the truck, and as for the interiors, it’s quite spacious. Last but not the least, this beast is the only full-hybrid standard pickup in the whole of America.

Why choose this truck over everyone else?

There are these three simple things that make this truck unique amongst the others and that is its,

  • Practicality: Trying to fit small things into odd areas type of person, then this 2022 Ford Maverick is your guy since as compact it might look on the outside it still can fit up to five people plus store all your things as well.
  • And needless to say, its front-wheel-drive is quite splendid too.
  • Capability: Its EPA is exceptionally well and is estimated at up to 40mpg city. While its standard payload capacity also is around 1500-lb with 2000-lb as towing capacity for the base and the maximum capacity for towing goes up to 4000-lb.
  • Plus to support all major projects, they provide smart storage options as well.
  • Technology: Now for the technology, it has a standard touch screen of eight inches along with the Apple car play installed in it and Android’s Auto car system.
  • Also, it has a unique feature that will allow you to work from anywhere you want as it has an in-built wifi-hotspot inside the car by FordPass Connect and AT&T that lets you work or listen to your favorite songs always on the go.

Therefore, for all such features, this one is known to be the best truck of this year with its fabulous performance.