Vehicle transport delivery through the app

Our company deliveree is a private company that allows its customers to comfortably and conveniently request for some delivery vehicles by using an app available 24 hours a day. you can now easily call up for various kinds of vehicles in Bangkok, Chonburi, Rayong, Saraburi, etc. in order to deliver your goods locally or delivering them to other provinces. If you are searching for a shipping company that is quite flexible, secure, verifiable and that can save up to 30% on your shipping costs then we are here to serve you all.

Each of the บริษัทส่งของ has different kinds of service model as well as vehicle types that you can choose from. In order to meet the requirements of the customers with several needs, you are required to search and gain knowledge about the mode of transport of private companies so that you can choose the service that can suit you the best for your business requirements.

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What are the major differences between the delivery styles?

Last-mile delivery is a very essential point as it is delivered to the customer. Companies, as well as stores, usually opt for private transport as they are very fast as well as flexible. And also the product is delivered to the customers safely. You are able to request a delivery car at your required time through the application of shipping from the private companies which is divided by the usage patterns and transportation distances in 3 ways- delivery service or parcel at a cost per piece. Distance-based delivery service for some urgent delivery whether the quantity is large or small and shipments with a large number of drop off points.

  1. Price per piece delivery service
  2. Express delivery service that charges by distance covered
  3. Package transportation service for bulk delivery and sent to other provinces