Champ Nong-O is ready to take on Muay Thai foe Rodlek  

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao could not be contented to build his expected arrival to the Once Circle. He is planned to deal in the leading tournament champion and also the countryman is an important event which is live from the Singapore stadium this Friday December 18.  You can visit wassermann-radgiro and keep up-to-date with this sport news on online.

Qualified sports professionals in our time

Nong-O is prepared for this upcoming world title defence. He believes and ensures that his opponent is a valuable opponent to him. He is very much thrilled to get the opportunity to fight another time. He can experience the force as he has not been in the ring after a long wait. He is sharp enough mainly because Rodlek is not an undemanding challenger to him. Though he is physically 100% ready after his extensive training in spite of the pandemic situation and spent enough time for training, he has to be ready to face challenges from his opponent in the ring.   Every sportsperson requires regular and the best training to achieve the goals one after another. They must understand the competition and challenges in their sports sector.

Successful records

Readers of the wassermann-radgiro understand about the successful records of the Nong-O especially his One Super Series title in May 2019 by dominating Han Zi Hao from China. He has made 3 successful defences of the belt.

There were several performances which impressed his fans worldwide. However, his supreme presentation came in opposition to Saemapetch Fairtex, rising phenom in November 2019 where he knocked out his counterpart with right cross. Rodlek take part in the Tournament previously this year. In the initial round, he surrendered to Saemapetch. He got his position in the last round in opposition to Kulabdam Sor Jor Piek-Uthai. He was incredible in the final because he conquered an opponent to the success.